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Реферат: The Problem of Holmelessness in Canada

Homelessness is a huge problem in the whole world. In poor countries, so
called “third world countries” you can meet homeless people on every corner.
That’s why government of “third world counties” tries to solve this problem
by building more homes and shelters. Ministry of Health encountered with many
strange diseases caused by unsanitary conditions of living. Homeless people
eat from dirty waste, drink from not clean creeks or even puddles. Huge wave
of sickness grabbed streets of India, Nigeria, Nepal, Somali and many, many
other “third world countries ”
Unfortunately diseases and viruses is not only problem caused by
homelessness. Statistic shows that level of crimes is much higher in those
countries and cities where the major issue is homelessness. So homeless
people don’t have places to work, government pays not enough money for
living. Charities and donations also to not enough to live a good life,
that’s why homeless people go the wrong way to get some money for living.
People steel money from those who’s richer than they are. Sometimes robberies
end up with serious injuries or even homicide. Crime is another problem
caused by homelessness and homeless people.
Homeless people mean poor people, poor people mean hungry people and hungry
people mean angry people. I think non country want angry citizen in it. Just
dig some historical facts, revolution in Russia in 1917 year. Poor and angry
lays of society rise up against Czar and monarchy system in Russia. Poor
people also started revolution in France year in 1848. And guess what? They
won the battle because they had much more people in the army than the Czar or
King. And history has more examples of up rising of angry mass of people
Revolution is the same as war, war can’t be without killing. Nobody wants
dead bodies on their street and government should not let this happen.
Toronto is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen. Canada has wonderful
nature, all kinds of animals, kind and polite people. And it’s really sad to
see people who live in bus stops, dirty doorways or right across the sidewalk
in downtown. I always give some to them but my small donation won’t change
their lives. And sometimes I notice men with good athletic abilities, strong
and seem to me pretty young. I think government of Canada should make more
vacant positions for people like that. Homeless people got to have motivation
to work and it governments responsibility to let homeless people have a dream
of a bright future.
It’s in the governments own good to stop the wave of homelessness in the
country, which causes crime, sickness and chaos on the streets. Government
has all power to help homeless people and solve the problem with
homelessness. Government doesn’t have to make more charities for homeless
people, but it should make more activities, which involves homeless people
themselves. Build more houses and shelters or even temporary places of
living, it’ll help to solve the issue with living place. I know that civil
volunteers will help with money and many other activities. Major of Toronto
could take some taxpayers money to make changes in homeless condition in
Toronto. He also can get more votes at next election. Should they raise taxes
or cut budget of some unimportant science research, I don’t know. But problem
of homelessness must be solved! Canadians must not loose their conscience and
help their brothers and sisters on the streets.