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Сочинение: HOLIDAY New Year

My Last Holidays.
Most of all I like New Year holidays. Because New Year is a holiday for
everyone. People all over the world welcome the New Year at one moment,
that’s why I think it’s the most uniting holiday in the world, because in
this moment every person can say that he loves everyone. It is truly
international holiday. All around the world people celebrate Christmas
Holidays, but in Russia we have very few people who truly believe in G-d
after 70 years of communism. My last New Year holidays were very nice. I’d
spent it with my girlfriend and our friends in a country-house in Roshino. We
played snowballs all the day long and in the evening everybody began to do
his part of preparation work for the celebration.  We made a lot of salads,
especially “Olivie salad”, my favorite, fry chicken legs with potato. And
even it was in a country, at the evening every boy was in a suit and every
girl in a beautiful dress. Behind the house was a New Year tree glittering in
colored lights and decorations. Some of my friends were waiting for Father
Frost to come and give them a present, but I think that they just had drunk
too much champagne. Many people consider a New Year to be a family holiday.
But most of the young prefer to spend the New Year there own parties. As for
me next time I prefer to meet the New Year with my family, because I meet
these New Years last times with my friends. I must spend as much time as
possible with my family because maybe, in some years, I’ll have to leave them
to begin my own life and those holidays may be the last.