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Visit to a doctor
The problem of health always worried people. It has been in the center of
attention of the scientists since ancient times. Perhaps, of all unpleasant
things people hate diseases most of all.
In theory we know well what we should do to be healthy, but in practice there
is hardly a man who has no problems with his health. Sometimes people, who
are very busy aren't thoughtful enough about their health.
Of course, much has been done to put an end to a great number of diseases and
epidemics. The scientists have already found cures for many diseases,
afflicting people. But still we are suffering from many of them.
One of the diseases which disappeared at all is a smallpox. It's a terrible
virus disease.
First we can read about it in ancient Egyptians manuscripts, which were
written nearly 6000 years ago, in ancient documents of China and India. Abu
Ali Ebu Sina was the first man who gave detail description of smallpox.
Nobody knows the exact time of it's appearing in Europe. There were great
epidemics in Italy, France and in a lot of others. In the 17-18 centuries in
Europe every year 10 million died.
In the 16 century smallpox came to American continent with Spanish colonists
and caused terrible epidemics among the Indians. Later this disease came to
Smallpox killed a lot people and Edward Jenner invented vaccination from it.
It was a very great invention – the first vaccination in the world.
This disease disappeared at all and in December 1979 the fact in liquidation
of it was confirmed.
I must say, that I seldom fall ill. I go in for sports, try to spend a couple
of hours in the open air every day and do all that kinds of things in order
to keep fit.
But, unfortunately, I fell ill in winter. It was rather cold outside and I
probably caught the infection. When I came home I felt that I had a sore-
throat. I made hot tea with honey, but it didn't help. At last I decided to
go to the doctor. I went there with my friend, for I felt very bad indeed.
When we came, a doctor, a kind-hearted middle-aged woman in a white gown,
offered me to sit down and asked me what I complained of. I had a terrible
headache and sore throat and it ached me to swallow. Besides, I was
constantly sneezing and coughing. It turned out that I was running a high
The doctor examined my throat, sounded my heart and lungs, had my blood
pressure tested. She said it was flu and prescribed some pills and mixture -
I had to take medicine 3 times a day before meals and to stay in bed for a
week until full recovery.
The recovery was slow. I slept badly, had no appetite. I suffered from a
slight, but irritating cough which as a rule became worse at night.
I followed all the doctor's instructions and in a week I was cured. It was a
real pleasure to fell strong and healthy again. Really, all is well, that
ends well.